Partnership with Parents

At St Patrick's College we believe that success in education is best achieved through a supportive and collaborative partnership where parents are welcomed as members of the school community. Our open door policy means that parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in all facets of their son or daughters education and work together to help students reach their full potential.

Communication with Parents

Newsletters and College Diary

As a college with a strong focus on the overall development of a child it is important that we communicate often and well with the parents of our students. Once a month the newsletter is emailed to all parents and can also be found on this website. The newsletter contains relevant information such as upcoming events, school activity, assessment updates and other college issues. We encourage parents to read this newsletter as it provides a vital link to the school.

Additionally, students are required to ensure parents have read their student diary which updates them on homework tasks, results and assignments. This ensures parents are aware of their child’s progress and feel included in the education of their child.

Teacher / Parent Communication

Parents may communicate with teachers through any one of the following ways:

  1. Student diary
  2. Phone call
  3. Email: Visit Staffing to access teacher email addresses

Please be aware it is often not possible for teachers to return phone calls or emails the same day but in all instances, teacher’s will respond to parent communication as soon as practicable.

Google Classroom

St Patrick's College utilises Google Classroom, which is an online service used to manage the distribution of school work and receive assignments. Parents will receive an invite and can opt in to receive notifications from Google Classroom about the student's work and progress in their classes.

Opportunities for Parent Involvement

St Patrick's Engagement Committee 

The Parent Engagement Information sessions are open to all parents and are scheduled through out the year (check the calendar for dates and time).

Committee Members

Michelle King
Vice President
Deborah Millar
Gillian Hayles

College Board

Board members work with the Principal, Staff and Parent groups to develop policies and provide support. Board membership includes representation from parents, college administration, staff, clergy and religious orders. Meetings are held monthly and any member of the College community who undertakes a short in-service training program is eligible for election to the College Board.

Board Members

Dean Lynch
Janelle Agius
Fr Matthias Ogwo
Spiritual Representative
Brendan Gunning
Leadership Team Representative
Sean Geoghegan and Scott McSherry
Rebekkah Pollard, Sharon Pengelly, Kacey Noy and Kris Arnold
Staff Representative
Doug Bettington
Student Representatives
Anthony Sorbello and Gabrielle Ipson
Board Liaison Representative
Michael McCusker
Nicole Harris or Ruth van Lint

Five Year Planning Committee

This committee is made up of parents, staff, administration, office, student and Board representatives to assist the Principal in setting priorities for future planning.


The Tuckshop is an integral part of the College and provides a great opportunity to meet other parents and staff.  Parents are required to assist from 9.30am – 2.30pm.

Parent/Teacher Contact

Parents should feel free to contact the College if they have any questions or concerns.  It does not have to be a major problem for parent/teacher communication to occur.  In fact, if parents and teachers can sort out any worries early, major problems will be averted.  Because of class commitments, co-curricular activities, and staff meetings, it could take a couple of days for a teacher to reply to your call.  For this reason, the Student Diary is a good way to communicate.  If the matter is urgent, please indicate this when you write, phone, or email.  Two formal parent/teacher nights are organised in Terms 1 and 3. Contact with the subject teacher or Homeroom teacher can be facilitated by the Head of Department.