Reports & Awards

Student Reports

Reports are made available electronically to parents via parent lounge and there are two parent teacher meetings formally scheduled.

Report showing results in each unit in relation to peers. This information will show you the number of students in each of the achievement levels A to E. However, due to concerns for privacy, this data will be provided upon request only when the peer group contains more than 15 students.

A tally of the student’s Days Absent and Days Late for school, are shown on each Report.

Year 7-10

  • Term 1 - Interim Report 
  • Semester 1 Report
  • Term 3 - Interim Report
  • Semester 2 Report 

Year 11

  • Term 1 - Interim Report
  • Unit 1 Report
  • Unit 2 Report

Year 12

  • Term 1 - Interim Report
  • Unit 3 Report
  • Unit 4 Report


Awards or appropriate recognition will be given to students who live out the school motto “To Seek & Serve Christ”, by working to the best of their ability and helping others do the same. The St Patrick's College awards not only recognise students who have achieved in academic, sporting and cultural activities, but also those who use their gifts and talents to help others.

Academic Awards

These awards are for overall academic achievement. They are determined using grades given for each unit.

Subject Area Awards

These awards are given to the top student or students in each Subject Area and are predominantly won by Year 10 students. They are determined using levels achieved and grades given for each unit.

Diligence Award

These awards recognise students with exemplary work habits. In general, students are identified by effort ratings on reports.

Community Award

This award recognises Year 10 students who have shown “outstanding community service” during their time at Mercy.

Award of Honour

An Award of Honour is presented to Year 10 students who have received an academic, diligence and community award.

Br Tom Higgins Award

This award recognises a student who has achieved and performed to an excellent level in work education and placement. This award attracts a bursary of $250.

P&F Cathy Quinn Award

This award recognises a Year 10 student who has faced challenges in their time at Mercy College and has managed to overcome these. This award attracts a bursary of $250.

Mercy Award

This award is presented to a Year 10 student who, in the opinion of students and staff, best embodies the qualities of the school mission statement.

Dux Award

This award is awarded to the male and female, Year 10 student, with the most outstanding academic achievement.