Technology Devices


ICT can be used as a tool and an environment for learning in a range of different ways. As a broad guide, we have the following goals for the IT programme.

iPads and Computers will be used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:

  • Access, use, create and publish digital and online information
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Collaborate with others
  • Communicate, in a variety of ways, their knowledge and learning experiences

Students will use the iPad (Yrs 7-10) or Computer (10-12) as a tool to manage their work and learning

Students will develop age-appropriate ICT skills and understandings, including the responsibilities of online citizenship

Students will accept responsibility for:

  • Their personal actions when using ICT
  • The care and functionality of their iPad/Computer


It is envisaged the IT used will provide a range of opportunities that enhance or transform teaching and learning in specific ways. The following provides some examples.


The iPad/Computer will allow for the substitution of non-digital practices or processes including:

  • Textbooks and class handouts available on iPad/Computer
  • Note-taking and data collection
  • Completion and submission of workbooks in PDF format
  • Feedback on drafts emailed between teachers and students
  • Storage/display of stimulus in Art


The iPad/Computer will augment teaching and learning through:

  • Internet research and communication
  • Videos / animations that complement teaching
  • Study / note-taking templates
  • Persistent, instantaneous feedback on drafts /notes
  • Extension / consolidation of maths concept