Assessment Calendar

Exam Block Schedules


Assessment is ongoing, as it gives students the opportunity to study in depth, and demonstrate progress towards a goal. We offer many forms of assessment including observation, class activities, homework, research assignments and exams. Assessment may be negotiated with the necessary teacher to suit student’s individual learning needs and interests. Further assignment, homework and exam regulations may be found in the student diary.

Assessment practices will be an integral part of the learning process, reflect social justice principles and offer a variety of ways to demonstrate learning.

All significant assessable work will be graded from A to E using the same criteria which will appear on the student’s report card each semester.These grades provide parents an indication of how well a student is achieving in their tasks throughout each unit.


  • May be granted by the Head of Department through consultation with the class teacher and submission of a  formal application
  • Must be applied for at least a day before the due date unless there are unforseen medical or compassionate grounds
  • Will not be granted automatically